"How to set up a gamepad controller for INSANE" by: Dustin Webster

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I love to play INSANE, especially driving the Red Bull RockHer II designed by Fat Alfie!  It's a crawler made special for the game and WOW is it ever capable!  Still, the trick to crawling in INSANE is perfect control, and that simply cannot be done with a keyboard.  That said, I went out and bought a gamepad type controller and hooked it up.  I went straight to INSANE's "Vehicle Controls" configuration table and started assigning the controller buttons to the functions I wanted them to perform.  With that done, I went to the "play screen" and tried to drive the RockHer, only to find it would only turn left! I went in search of more info on what I may have done wrong and found a few discussions about how to set up the gamepad.  Unfortunately, they were only partial suggestions and not the whole story from start to finish. After a few hours of research and fumbling, I eventually figured it out.  Considering I'm a computer nincompoop, I figured there are more of you out there, like me, who could use a simple tutorial on setting up your gamepad for 1NSANE.

FYI, this is how I set up my Logitech Dual Action gamepad.  I wanted to use the left mushroom for steering and the right mushroom for throttle so I would have fine-tuned variable control on both the throttle and steering.  I installed the controller configuration program as you must be able to re-map the mushroom joystick for the steering to work correctly. If you do not have the software CD, you can download it from http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/441/288&cl=us,en

I do not know if this procedure works for any other type or brand of gamepad as I have only tried it on mine.



The first thing I did was to install the controller and its configuration program (also known as the Logitech Profiler).  To start setting things up, open the profiler and click "select a game" right from the main screen.  Then, "Create a new game profile". Then, click "Browse" and navigate to the C:/codemasters/Insane folder.


Once you have that folder open, select the "Game" program with the small Insane logo next to it.  Then click "Open"


Enter a Game Profile Name (I used INSANE), the second box should have the file path you just selected in the previous step, so leave that, then it will offer you one of a couple logos to include (I clicked the INSANE logo). Click "OK".  Now, every time you want to start INSANE and use your gamepad, connect the gamepad, open the profiler, then click "Play INSANE"

Before we start the programming process, BE SURE the "analog" button on the controller has not been pushed.  If it was pushed, there will be a small red light turned on next to it.  That light and button is next to the Left Mushroom.  You will not use "analog" for any INSANE gameplay so be sure that light is off.


Now, it's time to enter into INSANE and set up the gamepad for the functions you want them to play.  Using the profile, open Insane by clicking "Play INSANE" and enter any game with any normal vehicle.  Once you are in the game and on the "play screen", push escape "Esc" on your keyboard to bring up the menu.  Then select "VEHICLE CONTROLS".

In that menu, select "STEER" and then hit "Enter" on your keyboard...then push the right side mushroom straight to the left. I repeat "the RIGHT SIDE mushroom" to the left.  If it then says "Steer Right", push the right mushroom straight to the right. It may not give you the option to push the mushroom right, but don't worry, it knows what you want.  Now understand, I know you want to use the left mushroom for steering but we'll get to that later.  For right now, you are telling the game that it will be the right mushroom controlling the steering.

Next, you'll select "ACCELERATE" and hit "Enter" on your keyboard.  Then, you'll push the RIGHT SIDE MUSHROOM straight up. 


I go on through the menu setting up my controller so the lowest left-index-finger button is the main brakes, the higher left-index-finger button is the handbrake, the lowest right-index-finger button is the shift to higher "UP" gear, and the highest right-index-finger button is the shift to lower "DOWN" gear.  I make the "2" button rollover and the "4" button repair.


Now, I select "BACK" and hit "Enter" on my keyboard to get back to the main menu, and then select "CONTINUE GAME" and hit "Enter" again to get back to the "play screen".  FYI, you can just hit the "Esc (Escape)" button twice on your keyboard to go quickly from the "Vehicle controls" menu to the "Play Screen"


Check to see that your steering works fully on the right mushroom, plus check that the other commands work properly.  If not, go back to the menu/vehicle controls and try again.  Once you are sure the steering and throttle are working properly on the right mushroom (the left mushroom will still be dead) exit the game completely.


Now we'll make the left mushroom work for the steering.


On the Logitech Gamepad Profiler,  left-click the "Left Stick X-Axis", then click on "Axis Properties" to open the next menu.


Once that menu is open, leave everything as it is except for making one change in the drop down box under "Left Stick X-Axis Mapped to"...open the drop down and click on "Right Stick X-Axis".  Now, click "OK" to accept the change.

Now you can restart the game through the profiler, the same way you did last time, enter a game with any normal vehicle, and give it a test run.

By the way, I also set up the two small buttons (#9 and #10) on the gamepad to be able to instantly change to my two favorite views.  I programmed the left button (#9) to emulate F5 and the right button (#10) to emulate F7.  To do that, you click the text on the profiler that says the button # you want to reprogram and then choose "select keystroke", then "new keystroke", then "record", then hit the button on your keyboard you want to emulate (like the F5 key), then click "STOP", then "OK".  It should automatically make that button turn into that keystroke and you'll see the new text where it used to show the button #, if it worked.

The way I use the F7 view (right small button) is to click the button before I start up a trail.  If it's a trail with the cliff to my left, I spin the view so I can see the left side of the crawler, including AROUND the corner's I'll be approaching.  You can re-position the camera angle using the home, delete, end, page up, and page down buttons.  Get it at a good angle and zoom before climbing the hill.  I then switch back to my favorite F5 (left small button) view, start my hill-climb, and then when I get to a corner or someplace I need to see from the side, just tap the right small button and have a look!  BTW, F5 has two different angles,  Hit the button once and you get one view, hit the same button again and you get another angle.  You change the angle the same way as you did the F7.  Set it up so you have your normal driving view on the first push of the small left button, and the second mid-distance view on the second push of the same button.  Then, you're ready for just about anything.

That's the way I did mine and it seems to work.  It'll be a good starting point for those who haven't used INSANE very much.  Later, experiment with different button setups for controls and views to find what works best for you!

I hope this tutorial helps you figure things out! 


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Dustin Webster - RedBull RockCrawling Team




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